How to Use Disaster Emergency Message Boards

In a wake of the major earthquakes and tsunamis that occurred in the Tohoku and Kanto regions on March 11th, 2011, disaster emergency message board services are currently available from major telephone companies.
During a disaster emergency, communication traffic to the disaster-stricken area increases and it is difficult to get through. Please make use of the disaster emergency message boards to confirm your family’s and friend’s safety.

●Google Crisis Respnse(2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami)
A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. On this page we are providing the information regarding the disaster and damage with realtime updates.

●NTT EAST Disaster EmergencyMessage Dial 171
Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) is a voice message board service that will be activated in the event of a major disaster for those who wish to record a voice message about their safety and confirm the safety of their family members and friends. Both recording and listening to messages requires a telephone number of those who are in the disaster stricken area.
This service can be used by dialing 171 with telephone devices that include household phones (both push and rotary dial), public telephones, ISDN, and public telephones set up in evacuation centers. This service can also be used from mobile phones, PHS and some IP telephones.

〇Recording a message
①Dial 171
②Press 1
③Dial your phone number including area code, and record a message following the voice guidance.

〇Listening to a message
①Dial 171
②Press 2
③Dial the phone number of the person whose safety you are trying to confirm.

NTT docomo Disaster Message Board for i-mode
In the event of a major disaster, the Disaster Message Board will be activated and service will be available from the i-menu top page screen.
If there is no messages recorded by a person whose safety you are trying to confirm, you can place a request with NTT docomo to send an email to that person asking him or her to record his or her safety status on the message board. (The i-mode Disaster Message Board will only send request emails to those with i-mode contracts.)

●SoftBank Disaster Message
In times of disaster, you can use the Disaster Message Board on Yahoo! Keitai to post a message to let others know your situation. The posted message can be accessed with a Yahoo! Keitai compatible phone, as well as computers or another carrier's handsets connected to the Internet.
Automatic notification of your message to specified Email addresses is also available.
A disaster has occurred. All functions of this service are in operation. Please access the menu of 'Disaster Message Board' on Yahoo! Keitai using a SoftBank Handset. Or, from computers or other carriers' handsets, access if you would like to know the current condition of those whom you are concerned about.

au Disaster Message Board Service
 When a major disaster occurs, au mobile phone subscribers residing in the disaster-stricken area can use the Disaster Message Board established on EZweb to register their personal safety information. This registered safety information can then be viewed from anywhere in Japan, via means such as on EZweb or over the Internet. Furthermore, we provide a function that enables subscribers to send email notifications to pre-designated family members and/or acquaintances when the subscriber registers on the Disaster Message Board.