Niigata "International
Cooperation Friendship Fund"

Niigata "International Cooperation Friendship Fund"

The Niigata International Cooperation Friendship Fund was established in 1995 by Niigata International Association in cooperation with the Niigata Prefectural Government in order to advance international cooperation in Niigata. This fund is made up from donations collected from citizens of Niigata Prefecture, and is used to financially support NGOs active overseas in developing regions and areas recovering from natural disasters.

Applications for Support from the International Cooperation Friendship Fund

NIA accepts applications for overseas aid projects to receive support from the Niigata International Cooperation Friendship Fund. Projects eligible are decided by a review committee made up of those working in fields related to international development.

How to Donate to the Fund

Bank or Post Office Transfer

For a special donation form, contact NIA.

Donation Box

Donation boxes are set up at various locations around the prefecture including lodging facilities, expressway stop, Niigata Prefecture Office Co-op, Niigata Prefecture Passport Center, and NIA.

At Niigata International Association

NIA Address: Toki Messe 2nd Floor, 5-1 Bandaijima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City


Business Hours:9:00AM- 6:00PM(Closed on Weekends, Holidays, and the New Year Period)

On October 6, 2000, NIA was confirmed a "Designated Organization Serving the Public Good" by the governor of Niigata Prefecture. Because of this, those making donations to the fund are eligible for tax exemptions.