Become a Supporting Member of NIA!

Eligibility and Costs

Any individual or group that agrees with the objectives of Niigata International Association is welcome to join as a supporting member. Membership is applicable for one year.

Individual Membership 3,000yen/year
Group Membership 10,000yen/year Membership Benefits

Group Members

Use the NIA Meeting Room

The NIA meeting room (capacity: 25 people) can be used by group members free of charge. The room may be used for international exchange activities, group meetings, or language classes.


Aid to Promote International Activities

Members receive priority when registering for NIA events.


Flier Printing

NIA will print fliers for your group's activities. Please provide the paper and flier draft.

Individual or Group Members

Receive NIA Publications, Event Announcements, and More!

Members can receive NIA newsletters and other publications, as well as even announcements and fliers from NIA and related international organizations.

Priority Registration for Events and Seminars

Members receive priority when registering for NIA events.


National Flag Loan

Rent flags of the world along with table or floor stands free of charge. NIA will also send the flags by post at the charge of shipping costs.


Book Loan

Borrow books and other materials from the NIA library.


Free Internet Usage

Members are free to use the internet computers in the NIA lounge.



We lend out various handicrafts and traditional costumes from countries all over the world.

Individual Members

Individual members are eligible for discounts at several restaurants and shops in Niigata Prefecture. For details, please contact NIA.

How to Register

Those who wish to register as a supporting member should fill out the registration form below. A bill will be sent from NIA upon receiving your registration form. Please transfer the member fees to NIA from your nearest financial institution.


When making the bank transfer from Daishi Bank, Hokuetsu Bank, or Taikou Bank, no handling fee will be charged. In the case that you do not receive a bill within a few days, please contact NIA by telephone or fax.


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