International Plaza Talks for Elementary,Middle and High School Students

The Niigata International Association holds International Plaza Talks where students of all ages can learn about international cooperation and exchange.


The NIA will handle the speaker arrangements, and be responsible for any speaking fees or travel expenses incurred.

  Niigata International Association
  Niigata Prefecture International Exchange Plaza -or- Meeting Room

 1-2 hours *depending on the request

 Speakers: 1-2 speakers per talk
  *Although we will try our best to arrange a speaker to match your requests,
   please be aware that this may not always be possible.


  Please select from the following two options.
  It is also possible to consult with our office regarding the content of the talk before applying.




★International Cooperation Talks

This course discusses aid and assistance activities in developing countries.
Students can learn about international cooperation through the network of the NIA, Niigata Prefecture, JICA and other NGOs, in coordination with your needs and requests.

★International Exchange Talks

Niigata Prefecture CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations from Korea, Russia, and the U.S.A), international students and other foreigners living in Niigata explain daily life in their home countries in Japanese in a fun and easy to understand format.


For more information, please contact.

Niigata International Association
TEL 025-290-5650 FAX 025-249-8122 E-mail