Consultation Information

Administrative Services

Niigata Notary Public Association

3-4-8 Sasaguchi, Chuo-ku, Niigata City

Monday-Friday 8:30~17:15 (excluding holidays & New Year Period)


○Consultation Services
Consultation available regarding problems encountered by many foreign residents of Japan, including visa procedure advice by specialists.

<Consultation Examples>

①Immigration Visa Problems

②Visa Renewal Procedures

③Visa Change Procedures

④Approval of Activities

⑤Permanent Residency Application

⑥Naturalization Application

⑦Visa Problems Relating to Illegal Stay

⑧Re-entry to Japan


⑩Establishing a Business in Japan

⑪Business Licensing
(Construction、Real Estate、Tourism etc)

⑫Other Government Permits  


Japanese in most cases.


○Consultation Registration

Consultation costs are on a case by case basis depending on the procedure. Please contact the association for more information.


What is Notary Public?

A notary public is a person legally entitled to bear witness and certify the validity of documents, take affidavits & depositions, and receive legal documents for submission to government offices.


A notary public is a immigration procedure specialist with certification from the Ministry of Justice and the authority to represent clients at the Immigration Bureau.  In addition, notary publics are required by law to keep confidentiality, their clients need not worry.

Legal Consultation

Legal Consultation through the Niigata Bar Association 

1-1 Gakko-cho-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 1

Monday-Friday 9:00~17:00 (excluding holidays & New Year Period)


○Consultation Services
Consultation on civic and legal issues from court cases to household problems.


Japanese in most cases.


○Consultation Registration

To register please contact the association. A lawyer will be assigned to give consultation at a set appointment time.

(*)If necessary、the association can also introduce lawyers. In this case, the consultation will take place at the lawyer’s office. Please decide the appointment time between yourselves. 


○Consultation Costs

A cost of 5,250 yen for one consultation will be applied.
※ This cost is of April 2006, and is subject to change.
※ Those with financial difficulty may use the Legal Aid System. For details, please contact the Bar Association.

(Other Resources)

◆Crime Victim Legal Consultation(By Appointment)


Weekdays 9:00~17:00(Lawyers’ Association TEL:025-222-3765)


(*)Consultation will take place at a lawyer’s office following registration.

(*)The first consultation is free of charge. A fee will be charged for following consultations.


◆Traffic Accident Compromise Mediation


In the case of losses or necessary compensation following a traffic accident, a lawyer

can act as a mediator to negotiate a compromise between parties.


*Consultation Costs

Free of Charge (In the case that you ask for a specific lawyer outside of this system, please bear those costs on your own)


◆Public Defender Consultation


A consultation service established to protect the rights of youths and crime suspects

If you are arrested for no reason, tell the police or judge you would like to speak with a public defender (touban bengoshi). A lawyer will be sent to meet with you


*Consultation Costs

First consultation is free.

Visa & Immigration Consultation

A Alien Registration

■Please consult your local municipal office.


B Visa Procedures

■Tokyo Immigration Bureau, Niigata Branch

Niigata Airport Terminal Building
3710 Hamamatsu, Higashi-ku, Niigata City 〒950-0001
(TEL:025-275-4735 FAX:025-275-4848)

(Airport can be reached by bus from Niigata Station or Bus Center in approx. 30 minutes)


C Birth、Marriage、Death Certificates

■Please consult your local municipal office.


Medical Services

A Holiday & Night Emergency Medical Services

■ List of Emergency Clinics that operate on Nights and Holidays

B Medical Service Introduction by Phone (Multi-lingual)
■AMDA International Medical Center (Tokyo)


AMDA distributes a hospital guide in 7 languages and translations of medical documents in 16 languages.  

Labor Consultation

A Labor Conditions, Worker’s Compensation Insurance

■Labor Standards Supervision Offices (Niigata, Nagaoka, Joetsu, Sanjo, Kashiwazaki, Shibata, Niitsu, Minami-uonuma, Tokamachi, Itoigawa, Sado)

Labor Bureau Homepage >> (Japanese only)

■Niigata Labor Bureau Supervision Division

1-56 Kawagishi-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
(TEL:025-234-5922 FAX:025-234-3151)
※English assistance is available for foreign workers.
○Labor Bureau Homepage>>

(Japanese only)


B Job Vacancies・Employment Applications

■Information available at Public Job Centers (“Hello Work”) around Niigata Prefecture.

English Assistance available at the Niigata Office on 1st & 4th Wednesdays:
Niigata KS Building
2-2-18 Benten, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
TEL: 025-241-8610  
○Niigata Labor Bureau Homepage>>

(Japanese only)


C Consultation about Job Training and Apprenticeships

■Japan International Training Cooperation Office(JITCO) Niigata Branch Office

Gijutsushi Center 6th Floor

10-2 Shinko-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City (TEL:025-282-3858)

JITCO Homepage>>

Drivers’ Licenses

Niigata Prefecture Drivers’ License Center

〒957-0193 7-1-1 Higashi-kou, Seiro Town, Higashikanbara-gun(TEL:025-256-1212) Buses departing daily from Bandai City Bus Center at 7:40, 9:40 (weekdays only), 12:40.


Nagaoka Branch

〒940-1144 7-1 Ueno, Kamimaejima-machi, Nagaoka City (TEL:0258-22-1050)


Joetsu Branch

〒949-3215 1174-3 Nomihama, Kakizaki-ku, Joetsu City (TEL:025-536-3688)


Sado Branch

〒952-1324 350-1 Nakahara, Sado City (TEL:0259-57-5067)

Niigata Police Headquarters (Drivers’ License Procedure Information)

Tax Consultation

A National Tax(Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Inheritance Tax, Donation Tax etc)

■Please consult your local tax office.
National Tax Agency Homepage


B Prefectural Tax (Inhabitant’s Tax, Real Estate Acquisition Tax, Automobile Tax etc)

■Please consult your local Prefectural Regional Promotion Bureau (Chiiki Shinko Kyoku):

Niigata Prefecture Tax Division(TEL:025-285-5511)


C Municipal Tax(Inhabitant’s Tax, Property Tax, Light Motor Vehicle Tax etc)

■Please consult your local municipal office.