Niigata International Association Newsletter

  1. NIA Letter vol.17 (March.2019)...1.4MB
    ・The Members of ISEC Tell Us! NIIGATA and All Its Charms
  2. NIA Letter vol.16 (Dec. 2018)...3.5MB
    ・Enjoying Global Life in Niigata!
  3. NIA Letter vol.15 (Aug. 2018)...3.5MB
    ・NIIGATA Across the Sea
  4. NIA Letter vol.14 (Mar. 2018)...1.4MB
    ・Providing Support for Foreign Residents!
  5. NIA Letter vol.13 (Dec. 2017)...1.4MB
    ・Supporting Japanese Language Learning for Foreigners Living in Japan
  6. NIA Letter vol.12 (2017)...1.7MB
    ・The Keyword is Asia!
  7. NIA Letter vol.11 (2017)...3.3MB
    ・We've found them! Our International Student Hero and Heroines
  8. NIA Letter vol.10 (2016)...2.2MB
    ・Having a Blast with Cultural Exchange in Niigata!
  9. NIA Letter vol.9 (2016)...2.2MB
    ・The time is now! Bring the world closer together as an international exchange volunteer
  10. NIA Letter vol.7 (2016)...1.8MB
    ・Creating a Multicultural Niigata
  11. NIA Letter vol.6 (2016)...2.8MB
    ・International Students and International Exchange
  12. NIA Letter vol.5 (2015)...2.0MB
    ・Coexisting with Other Cultures -Understanding Islam-
  13. NIA Letter vol.4 (2015)...3.7MB
    ・Niigata’s International Cooperation Projects
  14. NIA Letter vol.3 (2015)...3.0MB
    ・Feature! The Possibilities of International Understanding Workshops
  15. NIA Letter vol.2 (2014)...1.1MB
    ・ International Exchange through Sports
  16. NIA Letter vol.1 (2014)...1.4MB
    ・International Cooperation through Fair Trade
  17. SHALL WE PORT?vol.15 (2014)...1.4MB
    ・Learn about the World through Sister and Friendship Cities!
  18. SHALL WE PORT?vol.14 (2013)...3.4MB
    ・From Niigata to the World
    ~The Seeds of Global HR~