About Links and Copyrights

1 About Links

・In principle, anyone may make links to the NIA homepage(http://www.niigata-ia.or.jp/).

There is no need to inform us in advance, but please let us know at nia21c@niigata-ia.or.jp once you have created the link.

Please tell us: Homepage Name, URL, Organization, E-mail Address

・If you create a link, please state the objective on the site. Also, please refrain from entering a link to our website within a frame.


・If it is clear that the link is not in good intentions, that the website is not legal, or that the link is

considered inappropriate for any other reason, we may request deletion of the link.


・Please do not add links to our website to any homepage with objectives for profit.

2 About Copyrights

・Copyrights for materials (reports, pictures, photographs etc) posted on the NIA website in principle belong to the Niigata International Association.

However, the copyright of some images belong to the creator of those images. Also, editing rights of the entire website belong to the Niigata International Association.


・Reproduction or quotation of materials on this website for personal use is forbidden without permission of the copyright holder.

Reproducing, altering, broadcasting, sending, translating, selling, or loaning such materials is forbidden without special permission.

3 About Exemption from Responsibility

・We strive to make sure information on the NIA website is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, however we can not guarantee this.

Niigata International Association does not accept responsibility for any mistakes regarding information on this website.


・Niigata International Association does not accept any responsibility for damage to the user’s network or computer due to access of the NIA website, and will not pay for repair costs in such a situation.


・Please understand that the NIA website may undergo changes or deletions without prior notice.


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